Sunday, February 7, 2010


these are the pieces that were in the process 13 group show.


1 : intended for display : open to view

2 : being such in appearance : plausible rather than demonstrably true or real ostensible purpose for the trip>

Merriam-Webster dictionary

I chose the word ostensible because of the definition up top. In practice it means little more than the word appearances but the phrasing of the definition suggests so much more. These prints too are little more than impressions but they also allude to more.

Relief printmaking is all about surface. For this suite I took one piece of plywood and removed each layer. After a layer was removed I printed the block 5 times. This process was repeated until there was one ply that was the thickness of a penny. Each layer I removed the block surprised me time and time again with a rich variety of textures and internal narratives.

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